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The Peoples' Champion, Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker and compassionate optimist, I am dedicated to growing leaders and organisations that people love. Inside out. & Outside in.

Authentic leadership starts from the inside out

The world has changed. The way we interact has changed. 

Consumers and employees alike are seeking out purpose-inspired, customer-centric organisations. 

But in our data driven world, there is a massive disconnect in the way we are doing business. We desperately need to balance;

  • Data intelligence with Emotional intelligence
  • What with Why
  • Head with Heart

Using proven cutting-edge systems and zeroing in on game-changing insights to unlock employee passion, reconnect with your organisational purpose you will learn how to leverage emotional value to create unprecedented connections, drive engagement, productivity, innovation, collaboration and profits. 


Star Performer or the team Captain?

In sport, performance matters. And at the forefront of any team is a passionate, focused Coach offering encouragement, feedback, perspective, inspiration, game-plans, managing conflict and creatingRead more

True diversity starts with being You.

Emotional Currency is a term I've coined that refers to the emotional drivers that influence our decisions and behaviours.  A child's personality is unfiltered - front and centre.  As parents,Read more

Are you one of the 80% who rate themselves as above average leaders?

Let me ask you, how do you rate yourself as a leader? On a scale of 1-10, with anything over five as above average, how do you rate your leadership skills? I would put money on the fact that mostRead more

The fundamental questions you needing to be asking right now

For many businesses, the current community lock down has been a chance to finally slow the 'hamster wheel' that dominates our lives and take a long overdue break. Regardless of how we're feelingRead more

It’s time to get intimate…

... with your pricing. If I’m right, then a discount frenzy is about to hit us square in the face. For the majority of NZ businesses, come Tuesday 28 April, the doors will have been closed for 34Read more

Is dealing with workplace emotion your Achilles heel?

Unfortunately, many leaders feel emotions have no place in the workplace, or they feel out of their depth dealing with emotions, so they are often swept aside with an increasing focus on delivering tRead more

Do you need to work on trust?

Trust is gold. Trust is euphoric. Trust allows us to be our best selves. Trust is what makes preschoolers so endearing.  Erosion of trust is what makes us cynical, cautious and hesitant with age.Read more

Now is a time for more than just the facts

Now is a time for compassion. Not just sticking to the facts.  Last week a prominent New Zealand business leader gave the advice that right now it is critical we 'deal in facts' at this time. Read more

The moment I took my life back

Ever felt like that square peg in a round hole? That was me for most of the first 20 years of my career.  It got so bad that I felt I couldn’t breathe anymore. What was once a vibrant and outgoingRead more

Is Pricing a core competency in your business? Your bottom line depends on it!

What would 8% do for your bottom line? As a pricing strategist, I’m constantly amazed to discover how much profit businesses are leaking out the door. Profit is king right? So why do so manyRead more

'People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care' - Theodore Roosevelt


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