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'When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.' - Dale Carnegie

With a sales and strategy career spanning more than 20 years in the corporate world, focused on shopper engagement, sales and profitability I am well attuned to the demands and intensity that comes with needing to deliver the numbers. 

But I'm deeply concerned with the levels of burn out and workplace stress I have been witnessing with increasing consistency over the past ten years. 

As someone who has struggled with self confidence (that's what growing up wearing a prosthetic hook, being judged for appearances and then being defined by ill-fitting job titles) I have had a lifelong interest in human behaviour. 

And the more I research and train in this space, the more I see how so many others are struggling to show up as their greatest self also. From sales reps to CEO's.  

And this breaks my heart. As a people champion I care greatly about the emotional well-being of those around me. And workplaces are no exception. I have also seen and experienced first-hand the difference great leadership, communication, insight and emotional agility makes when it comes to creating high performing, resilient teams.      

My strengths are creating emotional connections with people and products and uncovering game-changing insights. 

I am passionate about helping individuals, teams, leaders and organisations thrive. With cutting edge innovative systems and workshops which can be scaled from individual coaching to large scale group offerings. 

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I am fascinated with human behaviour and am a personal development junkie...

An avid reader I always have several books on the go. Some of my favourite authors being; Adam Grant, Sally Hogshead, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Lisa Earle McLeod, Bernadette Jiwa, Bill George, Marshall Goldsmith to name a few

Currently NZ's only Certified Fascinate Advisor

Archetypes: The Catalyst & The Talent

Catalysts deliver value through creative change.  'Out-of-the-box, Energising, Expressive, Emotionally Intelligent' are some of the adjectives that describe how I'm different from others. 

The Fascinate Advantage System is a unique and fun tool that celebrates the unique attributes that make you most valuable. Based on the science of neurology and branding, it measures our naturally occurring communication patterns and pre-programmed responses in the human brain. The insights derived from this system are game-changing!   

Strengths Finder:

1. Strategic

2. Ideation

3. Input

4. Adaptability

5. Learner

16Personalities / Myers Briggs:

The Mediator / INFP 






I also have a small online business selling eco-friendly Scandinavian dishcloths and dishbrushes – born out of a passionate dislike for the disposable manky cloths sold in supermarkets and wanting to help our son fundraise $8,500k for a World Challenge trip with their school to Nepal. You can read more about that here.

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