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The fundamental questions you needing to be asking right now

As we get back to business, how are you planning to accommodate the shift in values and motivation?

For many businesses, the current community lock down has been a chance to finally slow the 'hamster wheel' that dominates our lives and take a long overdue break. Regardless of how we're feeling about the uncertainty of our futures, for many people, falling back into the old way of trying to keep pace of juggling ever increasing work stress and our personal lives will be met with great resistance. 

In a short space of time, we have become accustomed to a different way of doing things.  As businesses. As employees. As shoppers. As parents. As families.    

As shoppers we've had to adjust how we access products and services. We've had to research what's available online and have been exposed to different offerings, different retailers and different experiences. 

As employees, we've had to adjust to an online work environment with virtual meetings, deal with technology challenges and family interruptions. We've had to find creative ways to connect and engage. We've enjoyed a world of working in our pyjamas and got back hours every day by not having to deal with traffic congestion.  

For some, this new way of life has been a blessing, for others it has been a grind.   

There has been so much talk about a new normal, what does this mean for you? What changes or tweaks do you need to make to accommodate this shift in values and motivation - for your employees and shoppers/customers? 

Taking the time to check in, reconnect and reassess our 'new Norths' could be game-changing. 

With two distinctively different businesses (consulting and a retail product offering), I personally have worked through the following questions to accommodate the significant shifts in both client and shopper needs. The outcome of which means I've had to make some fundamental changes to both of my businesses. 

The following questions form part of the foundation exercises in my Pit Stop workshops inspired by Bernadette Giwa's work in her book Difference: The one-page method for reimagining your business and reinventing your marketing.

Exercise One: The truth about you

What does your organisation stand for? What do the people who are building this business believe or believe in? What are your goals? What's the big dream? What are your assets and liabilities, Your strengths and weaknesses? Understanding the whole truth about your organisation means you can play to your strengths and have a strategy to overcome weaknesses.

Exercise Two: The truth about your industry and/or market

What is the truth about the state of the industry you work in? 

Exercise Three: The truth about the people you want to matter to

What's the truth about the reality your customers are living with? What do they believe? How do those beliefs influence how they behave today, and how might they change what they do tomorrow? What problems do they want you to solve? What might they need? What are their unexpressed desires?

I urge you to take 45 minutes and work through these questions for yourself. You might be surprised with what you come up with. Just a couple of new insights could be a game-changer for your business. 

I highly recommend doing this exercise with your team. Not only does it help get everyone engaged and feel like they are part of the solution, you will also be surprised at what insights and perspectives different people have that you weren't aware of. And some of the biggest a-ha moments I've experienced tend to come out of sales reps and customer service teams.

This is just a start but should give you a good launching pad for reimagining your business as you navigate through these uncertain times.

Viv Kohlenbach-Wilson is a profit architect and master of game-changing insight helping businesses deepen engagement and connection to shoppers, customers and pricing, helping leaders deepen engagement and connecting with their teams, and helping you deepen your connection to your greatest value and purpose.  


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