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As a leader, managing multiple personality dynamics is no doubt the most exhausting aspect to your role.

You're not alone.

As a driven high achiever, your strengths are in your focus, results orientation and taking action. 

This is likely to be different from those in your team who may index higher in prioritising relationships, optimism, positive energy, consistency, stability, championing different ways of doing things... 

Left unchecked, and teams quickly come unstuck as personality's clash, distrust breeds, people resisting change... resulting in an increase in stress levels, a drop in productivity and engagement and high staff turnover.

The Inside Out Leadership Program was designed with the mission of growing great leaders and organisations that people love. By looking past 'titles' we tap into the emotional values that drives behaviour. 

The beauty of which can be applied to everyone from employees, customers, suppliers, shoppers, consumers... to spouses, children, family and friends.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

 - Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

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Confident Individualism - Personal Branding

Energize and inspire your employees. A quick start 90 minute Personal Branding program that can be offered organisation wide via conferencing technology or in house.  

Emotional Agility for High Performing Teams

For leaders wanting to reengage with their teams, motivating them to their highest potential. Improve team morale, boost collaboration and performance, and deepen customer connections.

Align Pit Stop - Customer & Purpose Check In

Looking at your business from the outside in, we re-imagine what the problem or need might be to unlock meaningful innovation, value and solutions. Experience the difference.

What others are saying:


"After doing both DISC and MB previously, the one thing I really liked about The Fascination Personality Test was that it’s platform was far more interactive from a laypersons perspective.

The Fascinate Personality Test produced a very succinct analysis, in a range of very easy to understand sections that highlighted a person’s strengths / attributes easily and as a people manager that’s what you need. It had really well laid out information and the Archetype breakdown/explanations were clear and made sense to the everyday person."

Craig R., Senior Consultant


"Viv’s Fascination Advantage workshop was a valuable exercise for the team. On the premise ‘a good team uses its strengths’ going forward it will provide a useful framework to maximise individual strengths and optimise project deliverables.  Viv displayed very good presentation skills and subject matter knowledge".

              - David W., Head of Analytics Reporting & Capital

"Viv did a great job of engaging us in discussion and explaining the concept of the Fascinate Advantages. It was a valuable exercise to understand each others strengths and dormant Advantages and how our collective strengths can be applied for a better/productive working relationships and how we can better utilise ourselves based on our strengths".

 - Jodi W., Manager Risk Training and Reporting   


"The response and results were phenomenal. People were inspired to learn what they individually bring to the workplace and what helps them to be successful and what to watch our for. The entire group was intrigued as we looked at the composition of our collective personality types. Understanding the model has helped individuals to maximise their potential, enabled the team to work better together, and even impacted hiring decisions. The system has provided us with a new language for team relationships" 

- Global Business Marketing at Twitter, San Francisco, United States

NB: This review is from a colleague's full day training highlighting the value from going into more depth 


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